Our Story

My name is Dimitri Tsipanitis and I’m a Greek American who graduated from Towson University with a masters in Healthcare Administration. After a successful career in the medical device industry I stepped away from a high profile position in order to fulfill a dream of mine.

I spent two years trying to decide what the best approach would be for my family and for myself. I wanted to start something that I truly believed in and had a strong passion for.

This is where my idea for Tzimakos Tours began.

Over the years my family and I constantly hosted friends from all over the world in our little town in Greece. Each time someone came they boasted on what a great experience they had and how beautiful our town was. As we continued to host, the idea of doing tours began to form in my mind and I began dreaming of it becoming a business one day. Being a world traveler myself, I love visiting different countries, experiencing new cultures and trying new food. With the great experiences I had, I decided to start my own family business focused on the travel industry in Greece.

Having traveled all around the world, the one thing I sought out for was an authentic experience. I embrace tourist and realize what a huge honor it is for them to visit my country and village. I want to be able to offer everyone an authentic experience. Tzimakos tours only consists of great lodging, food and activities around Athens. We do not settle for anything but the best. We use the best ingredients from our local farmers and our dining experiences include the best of our local restaurants. We aim to offer a once in a lifetime experience that make our guest fall in love with our beautiful country.

Our tours would offer lodging, transportation, food and excursion in Greece. We keep our tours to a maximum of 6 guests at a time so that guests can relax and get an at home feeling while indulging in all fine things Greece has to offer.

The business is open to all we cater to individuals, groups, family’s with children, sports teams, churches of all denominations, young adults, senior citizens, schools, businesses, companies, people with disabilities and to anyone interested in visiting us.